Butterfly Kisses

Little girls depend on security love and affection. The truth is boys need it too but I have found that although I sometimes try to be brave and tough or Ms Independent I lack something very important. I yearn for the love of my father. There was a time in my life when he was very present and I I thought he was the best person in the world but things changed and at an important juncture in my development. I started high school and daddy left. His purpose for leaving was to improve our living situation instead our family grew apart and without him. There were times when I hated him but I have come to learn the importance of forgiveness.

Daddies are there to teach little girls things that mommies can only try to teach. What should a little girl do when she is heart broken? How does she separate the good boys from the up to no good demons? Who will she run to when she needs more than her mother’s love?

These questions have remained with me for years. It is true that I have grown, I have matured and have been developing but I am still with my father’s presence and this is essential. Agree if you wish disagree if you want to but you cannot deny the difference a father’s love makes.

Bob Carlysle wrote Butter Fly Kisses some years ago and I have made it my song. It’s my daddy daughter anthem. I gave my dad a few butterfly kisses when I had him present but I long for his hug and his kiss now. While I do not remain stuck and continue to grow I hope I’ll have my day with daddy before he leaves this world.